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Joshua Sallach
Full-stack Freelance Developer

with over 15 years combined frontend and backend experience and a demonstrated history of working in the fast-paced motion pictures film industry creating high quality web applications and online experiences for high profile clients

Full Stack LAMP





MERN Stack

Git, grunt, gulp, composer



Tech: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript (Mobile Optimized)

Client: dsire design

Instrumentally involved in the frontend development of Electronic Press Kit (EPK) websites, web applications and social media/digital marketing campaigns for iconic film properties such as:

  • Star Trek
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Terminator:Genisys
  • Mission:Impossible Rogue Nation
  • Selma
  • Whiskey Tango Foxtrot
  • Ben Hur
  • Captive
  • Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse
  • The Arrival
  • Last Days in the Desert
  • and more...


Fronted: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript

Backend: Laravel 5 & 6/PHP/MySQL

Client: dsire design

Lead developer on the backend of the content management system that houses all the Electronic Press Kit (EPK) websites for STX Entertainment’s film properties allowing the client to easily create new websites for upcoming films, and manage connection to distibution platforms such as Fandango, VUDU, and more. Crafted HTML/CSS/JS that's used for each front-facing EPK site template as well as the company's homepage. Continuing to maintain infrastructure and add new features.


Frontend: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript

Backend: PHP/Laravel/ImpressPages

Client: dsire design

Solely responsible for building a custom content management system (CMS) using a combination of Impress Pages (frontend) and Laravel 5 (backend) for Broadgreen Pictures’ EPK websites, allowing the client to manage websites for their film properties. Application contains a robust content delivery system that allows for a strict QA process before each site get released to the public, as well as integrations with Instagram and Facebook.


Fronted: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript

Backend: Laravel/Drupal

Client: Apero Media

Laravel and Drupal developer for the Television Academy’s website for the Emmys. Involved in developing the backend (Laravel 5) for the “Awards Platform” used to record and tally award nominations from film industry professionals as well as the "Internship Platform" used to manage internship applications at the academy.


Frontend: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript/Jquery

Backend: PHP/Laravel/MySQL/MongoDB

Client: MedReportGuard

Lead Developer for both the frontend and backend for the Forensic Medical Reporting system, an electronic version of the CAL-OES 923 form, which is used to report sexual assault cases and is currently mandated to be used as the sole intake form for cases involving sexual assault in every hospital and clinic in the state of California. This application is used by the Department of Justice and the DA's office in criminal sexual assault cases and is fully HIPAA compliant. Backend powered by Laravel 5 (soon to be upgraded to Laravel 7), frontend javascript/jquery as well as a custom "bodymap" framework giving users the ability to draw forensic findings using custom built SVG technology.


Fronted: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript

Backend: Laravel

Client: Creative Startups

Lead developer in building and maintaining a learning resources portal in Laravel 6 that allows client to manage and distribute their international course content which is used in accelerator workshops that provide support to startups and small businesses around the globe and gives students the ability to track and turn in homework assignments.

Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Fronted: HTML5/CSS3/Javascript

Backend: Sharepoint 2013, Wordpress

Client:Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Key player in launching new statewide website for New Mexico’s largest non-profit employer, including SSO integration with Epic. Built numerous custom “micro-sites” and landing pages for specific marketing campaigns for launching of new insurance products using a variety of platforms including Wordpress and Sharepoint 2013. Managed social media advertising accounts. Responsible for video and digital content creation and management for various marketing channels including social media, learning platforms and broadcast.

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