Pascal's Bullet (2010)

This film was the winner of the 2010 Duke City Shootout. Its a screenwriting contest, where six scripts are chosen to be turned into films. Each film must be completed in seven days. I was the First Assistant Director and performed many producing functions while on set. We shot the film in four days and completed post production in three. It took best picture, best cinematography and best acting in the contest and the Palm de Gris award.

This film was written and directed by Kieran McGowan, and was our fateful first film together working together.

In the dry heat of the New Mexican desert, lawman Ethan Washburn tracks a serial killer to an abandoned Old Route 66 diner. There he discovers six bounty hunters shot dead through the face and a fugitive named Asa slowly bleeding to death in a booth accompanied by an empty six-shooter and a bottle of bourbon. As years of pursuit now come to a close, Asa invites Ethan to join him to reminisce over one last drink, one last reckoning of his crimes, and one final showdown.